Legacy Software Modernisation

Helping businesses transition from older systems and technologies to more reliable, efficient and secure solutions.


Out with the old. In with the new.

Legacy Software Modernisation

DEV Moves offers a range of legacy software modernisation services that are designed to help businesses transition from older systems and technologies to more reliable, efficient and secure solutions.

  • Reduce IT complexity and cost via a single platform for the management of multiple applications.
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements such as GDPR by leveraging modern technologies like cloud computing and containerisation.
  • Enhance customer experience through improved user interface designs, enhanced functionalities and faster response times.

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Comprehensive Support

We provide comprehensive support throughout the entire modernisation process, providing you with peace of mind that everything is running seamlessly and efficiently.

Industry Standard Technologies

We use industry standard technologies and processes to ensure all changes introduced into your existing system do not cause disruption or compromise its security.

Backward Compatibility

Our engineers are experts at migrating software systems from one platform to another while still maintaining full backward compatibility with existing systems and procedures. This ensures that your organisation can benefit from the latest technologies without losing any core functionality of older systems.

From Old to New

About Legacy Software Modernisation

Our modernisation services cover a wide range of areas, including database upgrades, system conversion, application development and mobile integration. We will ensure that all necessary security measures are taken during the process to protect against potential vulnerabilities or risks. Additionally, our services offer comprehensive support throughout the migration process so that you can be sure that everything is running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

We understand that modernising your legacy software can be a daunting undertaking, so we strive to provide the greatest amount of efficiency in the least amount of time. By leveraging the latest technologies, our team will work hard to help you achieve your goals quickly and cost-effectively. We’re committed to helping you get the most out of your technology investments by delivering high quality, reliable solutions that are tailored specifically for your business needs.


Unlock New Business Opportunities

Unlock new business opportunities with next generation technologies that provide inbuilt support for analytics, AI, machine learning and more.

Reliable Infrastructure

Get access to reliable digital infrastructure that is easier to scale up or down depending on your company’s needs.

Agile and Flexible

Benefit from increased agility and flexibility thanks to shorter development cycles, fewer bugs, faster feedback loops and improved data security.


Security Risks. Data Breaches.

Old Legacy Software

Why is legacy software slowing down your business?

Legacy software can impede the growth of your business. It is often difficult to keep up with newer technologies and capabilities, as legacy software may not be compatible with more modern systems, or lack the resources needed to take advantage of new advancements in hardware, software, and data management. In addition, as technology advances so do security threats, leaving legacy software vulnerable to exploitation by malicious actors. Furthermore, legacy software can be slow and unreliable due to technical issues such as inefficient code or poor user experience design. This can lead to a loss of productivity within a business due to employees struggling with outdated programs or systems that are unable to keep up with their needs. Finally another issue with legacy software is the increased cost associated with maintaining it which can strain budgets.

Facts & Benefits on Upgrading

Legacy Software to Modern

Boost Efficiency

Upgrading legacy software systems can boost the efficiency of operations and help reduce costs associated with day-to-day activities. This includes reduced downtime, increased security, improved scalability, and better interoperability between different applications

Reduce Maintenance Costs

Modernising legacy software can also reduce costly maintenance needs as well as ensure compatibility with new technology and updated standards. It will also make it easier to integrate newer technologies such as mobile devices into existing systems, helping businesses take advantage of more innovative solutions.

Stand Out

Investing in modernised legacy software can also help businesses stand out from their competitors by providing a more reliable user experience that is tailored to customer needs and expectations. Additionally, upgraded legacy software can improve customer engagement.

Why Use DEV Moves?

At DEV Moves, all of our modernisation services are tested and validated by our world-class engineering team. We use industry standard technologies and processes to ensure that all changes introduced into your existing system do not cause disruption or compromise its security. Additionally, we provide comprehensive support throughout the entire process so that you have peace of mind knowing that everything is running smoothly and efficiently..

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Quality Solutions

DEV Moves offers high-quality legacy software modernisation solutions tailored to the specific needs of your business.

Experienced Engineers

Our experienced engineers have extensive experience in working with legacy systems and providing innovative solutions for modernisation projects.

Comprehensive Assistance

We provide comprehensive assistance from start to finish, ensuring that you get a smooth upgrade process and optimal performance from your new system.

Cost Effective Solutions

Our services are cost effective and customised for each individual customer, making it easy to afford and enjoy the benefits of modernised legacy software.

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