What makes a great homepage?

When you're designing a new website, it is often the homepage which you work on first, and the other pages tend to follow. What is so important about the design of the homepage, and what constitutes a great homepage? These are questions we think everyone should think about when they are designing their new website!

The homepage is essentially the main landing page. This is where people will come to when they are first directed to your site, either by typing in the URL or through a search engine. It serves to give your viewers an overview of who you are, and what your brand does. It's a great place to show your products or services off, as it is often this page which people look at and decide if they want to explore further or leave. It should almost be treated like a display to let your clients know who you are and what you do.

It is important not to treat your homepage as an immediate sales page - imagine you go into a shop and are faced straight away with a sales person pushing products into your hand and expecting you to hand over the cash without finding out more about the items, or even a greeting! This certainly would put us off...

Things which are often seen on great homepages include an obvious search bar (to allow potential customers to easily locate the items they are looking for), easy to use navigation or menu bars, and a clear layout to display your content.

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